Electric Vehicles

Maidstone Borough Council are committed to facilitating a carbon neutral future and have rolled out our first phase of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging units to enable residents and visitors to have access to charging in core town locations.

Pod Point Charge units can be found in the following locations:

Location Number of baysCostSpeed Maximum Stay
King Street 2 See Parking Tariff 7kWh 4 Hours
Medway Street 2 See Parking Tariff 7kWh 4 Hours
Union Street 2 See Parking Tariff 7kWh 4 Hours
Barker Road 4 See Parking Tariff 7kWh 4 Hours
Wheeler Street 4 See Parking Tariff 7kWh 4 Hours
Mote Road 4 See Parking Tariff 7kWh 4 Hours

Using Our Chargers

  • To use our EV charge points, customers must download the Pod Point smartphone app available on both Apple and Android devices.
  • Users must select their location and activate their charging session from the app. The cost of parking is included with the charging fee to make a single parking event.
  • Customers DO NOT need to purchase a separate parking session from a pay unit or RingGo.

LED (Light) Colour Guide

Units use colour LEDs (lights) to indicate the status of the device. A full guide of what each colour means can be found below:

LED ColourDescription
White Trying to get signal (can take up to 1 minute)
Magenta/Purple-Red Establishing communication with server
Blue/Magenta Flashing Communication established - car not plugged in
Blue/Magenta Flashing Unlock Mode
Flashing Green Standby
Green Charging
Red/ Red Flashing Machine Fault*

*Please contact APCOA on 01622 751457.

Penalty Charge Notices

To ensure EV bays are used for charging only, penalty charge notices will be issued for the following contraventions:

  • Parking without charging
  • Staying longer than the maximum stay of the car park
  • Parking outside of bay markings
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