Dangerous structures and unauthorised works

Some structures, likes walls and buildings, can become dangerous due to many reasons such as age, weather, vandalism, collision or fire. If a structure is reported to us, a surveyor will visit within 24 hours to inspect it. The owner of the structure is responsible for repairing it.

If a structure is so dangerous and is an immediate threat to public safety, we may carry out repairs under emergency powers and get the owner to pay the cost later.

You can report a dangerous structure online. If the structure appears to be an immediate threat to public safety (e.g. something could fall down on someone) please call us to report it on 01622 602701 or if out of hours calls 01622 602000.

Unauthorised building works

Unauthorised work is building work that has started without submitting a Building Regulation application.

If you don’t know if an application has been submitted you can check using our application search. This will also show if the work has already been reported. If you cannot find an application and no one else has reported this you can do so online.

We can take action against building work if it breaches building regulations. In the worst cases this could involve a notice requiring the work to be removed or even court action.