Performance agreements

A Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) brings people together to agree the best way to take a development proposal through the planning process.

Each one has a dedicated project officer and allow us to:

  • come up with a project plan for your proposal from pre-application stage through to decision
  • give you clear and constructive advice before you apply
  • go through proposal in more depth at various meetings
  • get councillors involved from the start
  • improve the quality of all the major applications
  • take a more bespoke approach when engaging and negotiating with you
  • work outside the standard 13-week timeframe if we need to

A PPA gives you the best possible chance of having your application approved, but there are no guarantees.

    The project plan

    A PPA is a voluntary agreement between us and you. Each one has a project plan with two phases.

    Pre-application phase

    We'll confirm the dates of any meetings with you and agree what we need to talk about and lists of attendees. This'll help us to deal with any problems with your application before you make it.

    It's important that we think about and deal with as many problems as possible at this stage, to make sure there are no delays with your application later on. This way we can stick to the agreed timetable.

    Application phase

    We'll set out the agreed timetable and structure for how we'll make a decision on your application. They get the best outcomes for everyone and strongly encourage their use.

    Reasons for a PPA

    There are many benefits to having a PPA, including having:

    • A named contact, so you can discuss your application when you need to
    • Key issues identified early on
    • realistic, predictable and reliable timetables
    • Better accountability and transparency
    • time dedicated solely to your project

    Download our PPA Template

    Discharging conditions

    You can apply to discharge up to 10 conditions as part of a PPA.

    When deciding which conditions you'd like in your PPA, keep in mind that we cannot split them up again. We can only approve the conditions once they're ready. They all have to be approved at the same time. Some will take longer to discharge than others, especially if further consultation is needed. It may be better to split them up into separate PPA's.

    If you're not sure speak to us so we can deal with any problems with your application before you make it.

    Download our PPA for Conditions Template


    The cost depends on the size of the development or the number of conditions being applied for. For extra large developments, we'd recommend you have a formal design review as part of your agreement. You'll pay the design review panel separately for this later on. For more information speak to your case officer.

    For developments

    SizeUnits Commercial floor spaceMeetings Member briefings Cost 2024/25
    Small Under 50 Up to 2,500 square metres Up to 2 0 £4,105
    Medium 50 - 99 2,500 - 4,999 square metres Up to 3 Up to 1 £5,865
    Large 100 - 249 5,000 - 9,999 square metres Up to 4 Up to 1 £8,798
    Extra large Over 250 Over 10,000 square metres Up to 4 Up to 2 £11,730
    Extra large with formal design review Over 250 Over 10,000 square metres Up to 4 Up to 2 £11,730

    For conditions

    Number of conditions Cost 2024/25
    1 to 5 £871
    6 to 10 £1173


    Before you apply you will need:

    • a site plan with the site outlined in red
    • scaled plans that clearly outline your proposal, this could include elevation and floor plans


    You can also apply by post:

    Planning Technical Officer
    Maidstone House
    King Street
    ME15 6JQ