Need a new bin?

Before you make your request please check that you are in the borough and we deliver to you.

Refuse, recycling and food bins

If you're moving house please do not take your bins with you. If you're in a new build home please contact your developer or managing agent as they should provide the bins for you.

New bins

Properties can only have one black bin.

There are no refunds for any additional black bins ordered.

We'll only collect one black bin on collection day.

Broken bins

You can order a replacement free of charge, however we'll only swap bins that are actually broken.

We do not swap bins because they're dirty. It's your responsibility to keep your bins clean.

Lost bins

If your bin has gone missing you can order a replacement free of charge.


Black Bin (one per household) £25
Green Bin £25
Black and orange food recycling bin £8

Order a bin

Garden waste subscriptions

More information about our garden waste service can be found on our garden bins page.