Order new or replacement bins

For most homes, bins have been provided by us for the collection of recycling and rubbish. Residents are responsible for looking after these bins and replacing them if they are lost or stolen. We will provide you with a new bin when it reaches the end of its usable life.


You are required to pay for replacement bins if your bin is lost, stolen or if you move into a property and there are no bins. This is to encourage residents to take responsibility for the bins and to bring them back onto their property after collection.

The charge is a contribution towards the overall cost of the bin, administration, delivery and where necessary the removal of the damaged bin.

You can also purchase additional recycling bins if required and these will all be emptied as long as they do not contain business waste or contaminated recycling. However we will only empty one black rubbish bin from each property and do not accept waste left beside it.

Missing or stolen bins

If your bin has gone missing or has been stolen you can request us to deliver a new one. Please check it's not at a neighbour’s property or further down the road. If you still cannot find it then you'll need to pay for a replacement bin.

To stop your bin being stolen we recommend putting your house number on it with stickers or pen.

Damaged bins

You need to make sure you look after your bin and take it in as soon as possible after collection. The most common type of damage, due to wear and tear from repeated used, is a damaged front lip which prevents it being lifted safely by the vehicle.

Bins can get damaged more easily if they are too full or if their lids are left open. Bins are more likely to break when they are being lifted, this does not mean the crew have handled the bin incorrectly. Unfortunately we cannot repair damaged bins or lids as there are many different styles and designs.

If the bin is reported by the collection crew as no longer usable and poses a risk to the collection crew when emptying it, we will arrange a replacement to be delivered to you. We will not replace bins that are dirty, have superficial damage or the lid is damaged as these bins are still safe to use.  If you want to replace your bin, you can do so for a charge.

When we will replace for free

If the bin:

  • is no longer serviceable
  • has gone into the back of the collection vehicle
  • is a black and orange food bin
  • is a garden bin

If you feel the crew have broken the bin or they were at fault, you need to provide us with information and evidence about how this happened. If you do not have evidence we'll require you to purchase a replacement bin.

When a replacement bin is delivered we will remove the damaged bin. Please leave it at the front of your property so we can pick it up.


  • black bin (general rubbish, one per household) - £25
  • green bin (recycling) - £25
  • black and orange (food bin) - £8 for a new property, no charge for a replacement

If you cannot pay for the new bin at this time you'll need to take your waste to the local tip until you're able to replace it.

For replacement bins, if you are in receipt of Council Tax Support, there is a discount of £10 per bin (with a maximum of two discounts within a rolling 12-month period). When applying you will need to provide your benefit reference number, this can be found on any letter we have sent to you regarding your benefit.


If your bin is reported broken by the collection crew, we will arrange a replacement automatically and you will not need to order one. You can check this on the order form, which will advise you if your bin has been reported as broken.

You will need to order a replacement bin if your bin is missing or stolen.

Order a bin

What happens next

We aim to deliver within 15 working days. Whilst you wait for delivery of your new bin you can leave your waste out in a suitable container or take it to the local tip.

If you're still waiting after 3 weeks please contact us and we will look into this for you.

Moving house

If you move house, the bins will need to remain at the property you're moving from. However, if you've already purchased an additional recycling bin you should take the extra bin with you.

Garden waste bins are dealt with differently, as this is a fee based service and you should take these with you.

A property with no bins

You'll need to pay for bins if there are no bins or missing bins at your new address. If you've moved into a new build or are renting a property, the developer or landlord should have provided the bins for you.

Garden waste subscriptions

More information about our garden waste service can be found on our garden waste page.