Need a new bin?

Before you make your request please check that you are in the borough and we deliver to you.

If you need to order a new bin because it has broken or has been lost you can get a replacement free of charge.

Order a new bin

Moving house

Please note: Only one black wheelie bin is permitted per household.

If you are moving house please don't take your bins with you. If you are in a new build home please contact your developer or managing agent as they should provide the bins for you.

If you have a garden bin you can take it with you and you will need to let us know.

If you do need a new bin you will need to pay for it.

Black Bin (one per household) £25
Green Bin £25
Black and orange food recycling bin £8
240 litre garden bin £45 a year

Garden bins

You can order a new garden bin online.

Order a new garden bin

Change or cancel a garden bin

You can change your garden bin or cancel it below.

Change or cancel your garden bin

Renew your garden bin

You can pay for your garden waste subscription below.

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