Changes to our waste service

We are introducing a new waste and recycling service. Our new contractor Suez, starts in March 2024 with new vehicles, improved technology and other industry improvements.

They will continue to offer residents the alternate weekly recycling and waste service, weekly food waste collection and current services, such as garden waste, clinical and bulky waste collection.

The service meets the 'Simpler recycling' requirements, recently announced by the government, which means that dry mixed recycling will currently remain the same. When we are able to add additional materials we will let you know.

In order to improve efficiency, they will be using new vehicles with the latest specification, including side loader food pods and electric powered bin lifts. These will lower the overall vehicle emissions and offer better technology to keep residents up to date.

As part of the contract, a new fleet of vehicles have been purchased including more smaller and narrow access vehicles bringing with them improved technology for vehicle tracking. This will allow our waste team to have full visibility of the service and keep you informed of any changes when they happen. We are working on being able to provide a service which allows you access to live round information during your collection day.

The new vehicles will also help save costs and lower environmental impacts; they use electric bin lifts which will reduce the consumption of diesel dramatically, helping lower the carbon footprint and air emissions.

There are no immediate day or round changes planned, although these may be required from March 2024. Residents that will have changes to their waste collection service will be kept informed by us and our new contractor before they are scheduled to take place.

Any further updates will be made available on this page.