We have been provided, via efficient procurement processes, with goods, services and construction works that are both proportionate to our needs but also that represent value for money. We see “Value for Money” as the ‘four Es’ as

  • Economy – careful use of resources to save expense, time or effort
  • Efficiency – delivering the same level of service for less cost, time or effort
  • Effectiveness – delivering a better service or getting an increased return for the same amount of expense, time or effort
  • Equity – the extent to which services are available to and reach all people that they are intended to – spending fairly. Some people may receive differing levels of service for reasons other than differences in their levels of need

Some notable recent achievements are:

Cash Collection Services

A significant achievement in bringing together 12 Kent authorities in a joint tendering exercise which generated savings through economies of scale,

CCTV Monitoring

Introduced new ways of remote working, new technologies and savings in the capital budget,

Civil Parking Enforcement

A joint project with Swale Borough Council that provided savings to Maidstone of £132,000,

Council Banking Services

This has been tendered for Maidstone and as a direct commission for Tunbridge Wells and Swale resulting in savings for the three councils

Domestic Waste Collection

Was a joint project with Ashford and Swale Borough Councils, and Kent County Council, undertaken by the Procurement Team, using the Competitive Dialogue Process. It will deliver £1 million revenue savings per annum for Maidstone alone and increase recycling during the life of the contract.

ICT Hardware & Software

Following the formation of the joint ICT service for Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells and Swale, the Procurement Team have undertaken procurement exercises to acquire hardware and software to provide centralised services.

Maidstone High Street Improvement

Following as tendering exercise Maidstone’s High Street has been re-surfaced with improved pedestrian areas, traffic flow and visual impact.

Mote Park Development

A series of lottery funded projects which resulted in the most significant and visible enhancements to the parks and open spaces of Maidstone since the Millennium River Park project.