We use Pro-Contract to manage tender opportunities for Council services. The system is hosted on the Kent Business Portal.

What is it?

Pro-Contract is a web based tool that lets us manage tenders electronically. It covers many aspects of the procurement process including;

  • Creating contract opportunity notices
  • Raising and publishing tender documentation
  • Managing and evaluating tender submissions
  • Notifying bidders of contract award decisions
  • Informing OJEU of contract awards

Managing the process online is quicker and we can take advantage of shorter timescales for tendering.

Its main features include;
  • Electronic tender boxes that we use for secure exchange of Tender documents.
  • The ability to manage deadlines that make sure late bids are excluded after the closing date and time.
  • Each bid is permanently recorded on the system, even after the tender box has closed
  • E-mails are sent and received using a secure system
  • A permanent audit trail of activity

To find out more visit the Pro-Contract website.