Procurement Services

We provide a wide range of services from general purchasing guidance to specific advice on European directives and national legislation to managing complex tender processes.

  • How to identify and formulate the requirements
  • Selecting the correct procurement process
  • Assisting with or creating the appropriate documentation
  • Adverts and Notices
  • Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQ)
  • Simple requirement information to complex Specifications
  • Low value Requests for Quotations (RFQ) to higher value Invitation to Tenders (ITT)
  • Notification to Tenderers and Award Notices.
  • Managing the various stages of the procurement process including documentation and information flow, electronically via the Delta e-tendering system.
  • Candidate selection, tender evaluation and final award.
  • Contract formation and management

In addition to providing these services to internal users at Maidstone, we have worked extensively for other authorities, both as direct commissions or in the form of joint collaboration projects (where two or more authorities have jointly gone to the market for goods or services).

Not all authorities have the same requirements or priorities or for that matter contract procedure rules, and the team is experienced at ensuring that any work is done in compliance with client requirements whilst introducing where appropriate good procurement practice.

Service providers now tend to have a greater understanding of how to respond to local authority opportunities, however procurement practices and what information local authorities are looking for is constantly evolving. It is important that potential service providers interpret precisely what the authority requires and structures its proposal to gain the highest possible score in the evaluation process.

Often tender responses are well put together but miss the key points that the authority is looking for. We can assist your bid team in these aspects. For more information please email us.