Community right to bid

In neighbourhoods across the country there are buildings and amenities that are important to the communities that use them. This could be a village shop, a pub, a community centre or a library.

Many provide a base to deliver services to the local community. The closure or sale of these buildings and amenities can have an impact on the communities.

The Right to Bid gives communities an opportunity to keep these buildings in use and makes sure they stay a social hub for everyone.

Previously, when local amenities have been threatened with sale or closure, community groups have taken them over. But, they faced big challenges and often needed more time to organise a bid and raise money than the private enterprises bidding against them.

The Localism Act introduces a Community Right to Bid for Assets of Value to the Community. The aim is to ensure that buildings and amenities can be kept in public use and remain an integral part of community life.

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