Accounts and Budget

Annual accounts

These are full accounts showing the income and expenditure for each financial year going back to 2013-14. They include our financial performance and council tax collection.

Find more information about the delay of the 2020-21 Annual Accounts.

Annual Accounts 2019-20

Annual Accounts 2017-18

Annual Accounts 2016-17

Annual Accounts 2015-16

Annual Accounts 2014-15

Annual Accounts 2013-14

Our Budget

The below show the yearly revenue and capital budgets for each year going back to 2013. They include the council tax rate set for that year and our strategy.

Our Budget 2023

Our Budget 2022

Our Budget 2021

Our Budget 2020

Our Budget 2018

Our Budget 2017

Our Budget 2016

Our Budget 2015

Our Budget 2014

Our Budget 2013

Treasury Management Strategy

2020/21 Treasury Management Strategy

Inspection Notice

2022 Audit Notice