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Committee details

Communities, Housing and Environment Policy Advisory Committee

Purpose of committee


·  The Council’s strategic objectives with regard to Communities,Housing, PublicHealth andthe Environment

·  Revenue estimates and capitalprogrammes in respect of the same

·  All strategicbudget related staffingmatters in respect of the same

·  To takethe leadwithin theCouncil inensuring that the Council achieves inclusiveness andproductive communityengagement

·  Open Space in respect of Section 123 of the LocalGovernment Act 1972 or any other similarenactment and related disposals

·  Housing Strategy

·  Community DevelopmentStrategy

·  Climate ChangeFramework

·  Parish Charter, Parishes and Community Governance

·  Crime andDisorder ReductionStrategy (and recommend changes to full Council); andCommunity SafetyStrategy toinclude CCTV

·  Compact withVoluntary andCommunity Sector

·  Public Health,Healthy Livingand Health Inequalities Strategy

·  Waste Management,Waste Minimisationand Recycling Strategy

·  Private WaterManagement

·  Responsibility for Safeguarding children andadults whocome intocontact withCouncil services andactivities

·  District floodrisk managementfunctions

·  Public Conveniences

·  Street Sceneand EnvironmentalStrategy to include Clean Neighbourhood Enforcement,monitoring

·  Enforcement ofAir QualityPolicies

·  Renewable EnergyStrategy

·  Contaminated LandStrategy

·  Community Safety, Protection and combatting anti-social behaviour

·  Parks andOpen Spaces10 YearPlan includingplay areasand allotments

·  Bereavement Services – Vinters ParkCrematorium andMaidstone Cemetery



Contact information

Support officer: Committee Services. 01622 602032