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Committee details

Planning and Infrastructure Policy Advisory Committee

Purpose of committee


·  The Council’s strategic objectives for planning, sustainability andtransportation

·  Revenue estimates and capitalprogrammes in respect of the same

·  All strategicbudget related staffingmatters in respect of the same

·  Potential application of Schedule 2to theNoise andNuisance Act1993 to the Borough

·  Development Plan, including the MaidstoneBorough Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plans (subjectto approvalby Council)

·  Spatial planning documents such assupplementary planningdocuments and planningpolicy advicenotes;

·  Master Plansand developmentbriefs; TheInfrastructure DeliveryPlan; andThe CommunityInfrastructure Levy(CIL), spending strategicCIL funds

·  Development Management,Enforcement, BuildingControl

·  Car ParkingPlans andStrategy

·  Low EmissionsStrategy, smokefree premises andcontrol of pollution

·  Integrated TransportStrategy

·  Park andride anddistrict highwaysfunctioning



Contact information

Support officer: Committee Services. 01622 602033