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CCTV Next Steps

Meeting: 16/04/2019 - Communities, Housing and Environment Committee (Item 215)

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Mr Littlemore outlined that steps could be taken to improve the public realm CCTV provision.  As the Town Hall had previously flooded, and recording equipment had been damaged, it was suggested that the equipment be relocated to Maidstone House.  It was stated that the proposed improvements ensured that better quality cameras and recording equipment were available to be used by Maidstone Borough Council.


The Committee commented that:


·  Preventative measures to reduce crime needed to be undertaken alongside the CCTV upgrade.


·  CCTV had recently been used effectively to identify suspected criminals.


·  The new system was designed to allow external partners to use the system, should this functionality be required.

 In response to questions from the Committee, Mr Littlemore stated that:


·  The £110,000 cost was an estimate provided by a consultant.


·  Conversations with partners such as Kent Police demonstrated that the public realm CCTV was considered to be a valuable asset.


·  The current equipment was to be completely replaced.  This resulted in reduced operating costs, but also ensured that camera footage quality was improved.



1.  The public realm CCTV cameras be upgraded.


2.  The CCTV recording equipment be relocated from the Town Hall to Maidstone House.


3.  Policy and Resources Committee be recommended to identify £110,000 to enable the upgrade and relocation of CCTV.

Voting: For – 8   Against – 1  Abstentions – 0