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Strategic Plan Refresh

Meeting: 10/02/2021 - Policy and Resources Committee (Item 155)

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The Head of Policy, Communications and Governance introduced the report and outlined the changes implemented following the previous feedback received on the proposed areas of focus shown at Appendix A to the report.


An urgent update to Appendix B had been circulated to the Committee which included the comments from the Communities, Housing and Environment Committee and the Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Committee. These were that two indicators; homelessness as a result of domestic abuse and office vacancy rates be added to the list of proposed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The latter would depend on whether the Council continued to purchase the data which contained the information requested.


In discussing Appendix A, it was requested that ‘across the borough’ replace ‘for the borough’ within proposed area of focus to ‘Deliver a sustainable and vibrant leisure and culture offer for the Borough’.


In discussing Appendix B, it was requested that the recovery column for the town centre footfall indicator include when footfall figures have plateaued as well as when pre-covid-19 levels were achieved.




1.  Full Council be recommended to approve the revised areas of focus, as set out in Appendix A to the report, for the strategic plan 2021-2026; and


2.  The Key Performance Indicators, as set out in the Urgent Update – Appendix B, for 2021-22 be agreed.