Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information (FoI) Act 2000 gives you access to information that we hold, enabling you to find our more about what we do and how we make decisions.

The Act can't be used to access personal information that we hold about you. You can find out more about personal information on our Data Protection pages.

Accessing Information

We publish a lot of information on our site which is available on our Publication Scheme.

Before making a request, please check our Disclosure Log in case the information you are looking for has already been requested. If you can't find what you are looking for, you can make a request using our online form.

How we respond

We aim to provide the information to you within 20 working days, but will let you know if it will take longer. Sometimes it might take longer if;

  • We need to clarify your request with you
  • The information you have asked for is subject to exception
  • There is a charge

Sometimes, information may be withheld under exceptions set out by the Regulations.


There is no charge for requesting information, and it is unlikely that you will be charged for information we provide to you. However, if a charge is identified then we will let you know before we proceed.

Make an FoI or EHR request online

You can submit your request for information using our online form.

Submit a request online

Requesting information


Requests can be hand delivered to the Maidstone Gateway in King Street or you can send them in the post to:

The Freedom of Information Officer
Maidstone Borough Council
PO BOX 524
King Street
ME15 6JQ


Information and guidance is also available from the Information Commissioner.

Information Commissioner
Wycliffe House,
Water Lane
Cheshire SK9 5AF

Telephone: 01625 545745. Fax: 01625 524 510



If you feel that your personal information has not been handled correctly, we will try to resolve any issues. However, if you're not happy with the resolution, then you can make a complaint in accordance with our complaints procedure.

If you aren't happy with the outcome of the complaint process, you can report your concerns to the Information Commissioner.