Annual Household Canvass

We have a responsibility in maintaining an accurate electoral register and the annual canvass is an important part of this. To achieve this we need to know who is eligible to register to vote within a household.

Don’t ignore it!

There has been a recent change to the way we carry out the canvass due to Canvass reform.  Full details can be found on the Electoral Commission website.

There are several types of form which are being sent out.

Follow the simple instructions provided and remember the best way to return the form is online as this saves the council time and money.

Go online and use your security code printed on the form.

Did you know that being registered correctly means you can vote in elections and may improve your credit rating?

Providing us with the information that we need to contact anyone who is eligible to register to vote means we can give them further information to individually register. Visit our registering to vote page for more information.

Who in the household is responsible for replying?

The form is addressed to "The Occupier/Resident" and so everyone living at the property is jointly responsible for checking the form.  Only one person in the house has to reply if required to providing they have checked the details with each person listed.

Who needs to be included on the form?

You need to include the name and nationality of anyone who lives at the address over the age of 16.

If there are no residents at the property please tick the relevant box in section 4 of the Household Enquiry Form.

I have confirmed changes in my property, what happens next?

If you have told us about changes on your canvass letter our Electoral Services Team will undertake the following action(s)

  • Send a review letter to anyone who no longer lives at the property to confirm they no longer live at the address.
  • Send an Invitation to Register to anyone who has been added to the form. People added to the form can also apply online at register to vote online

Please note: adding a new resident to the Household Enquiry Form will not automatically register them to be able to vote in elections.

  • Send a postal/proxy vote application form to anyone who requests one.
  • Send a letter to anyone who wishes to change their opt out status on the electoral register (Hyperlink to Registering to vote/what is the electoral register)

I have received a form naming previous occupants, what should I do?

If you have received a form and the previous residents are named or the names on the form are incorrect you can visit household response website to make amendments.  This option saves the council time and money.

Alternatively amend the form and return it.  You should cross through the names of the people no longer resident at the property and then fill in the required information for all new residents at the address who are 16 and over. Please use the prepaid return envelope to send the amended form back to us.

Do new residents added to a form need to take any further action?

Yes, new residents will need to apply online at register to vote. The Household Enquiry Form is not a means of registering on the electoral roll.

If residents added to a form do not register online, we will send out an Invitation to Register form through the post.

Do I have to supply my contact number and email address?

You are not required to supply your contact details but it will help us to contact you should there be any issues with your form.

Contact details can only be used for the registration process and will not be shared unless there is supporting evidence/legislation to allow this.  We follow strict GDPR rules to protect your information.  You can view our data protection pages for more information.

What happens if I do not complete the form?

If a response is required and it is not received by 27 August 2021 a further reminder will be sent or you will receive a call or email if you have previously provided your details to us. If you do not return the reminder form you will receive a visit from one of our canvassers who will complete the form with you.  Responding online as soon as possible saves the council time and money.  As this year’s canvass is taking place during a challenging public health situation we would advise all residents to respond early to avoid us having to send out canvassers.

A member of the household has died, what should I do?

Contact the Electoral Services Team with the name and address of the person.  Please include your name and address so that the Electoral Register can be updated.