Committee details

Cabinet Member for Environment (Cttee)

Purpose of committee

Councillor Marion Ring


To take the lead within the Cabinet for ensuring that the Council delivers its strategic objective for Maidstone to be a decent place to live and in particular that the borough continues to have a clean and attractive environment.  Specific responsibility for:-


Strategic Planning

·  Waste Management Strategy

·  Public Health Strategy

·  Air Quality Management Strategy

·  Safety in Action

·  Contaminated Land Strategy

·  Private Water Management

·  Climate change framework

·  Licensing Strategy and policies

·  Carbon Management Plan

·  Local Biodiversity Action Plan

Performance Management

·  Waste minimisation and recycling

·  Waste collection

·  Cleansing services

·  Environmental Health services

·  Licensing

·  Bereavement

·  Parking Management and enforcement

·  Planning for Real

·  Capital projects and programmes relevant to the portfolio

·  Cobtree Golf Course

Climate Change and Sustainability

·  To be the Lead Cabinet Member for Climate Change

·  Ensure Council, non-executive Committees, Cabinet and Cabinet Members are aware of sustainability issues when formulating policy

·  Make recommendations to Council on sustainability issues

External Affairs and Partnerships

·  Represent the Council on all relevant partnerships including the Kent Waste Partnership

·  Responsibility for relationships with funders





Contact information

Support officer: Karen Luck. 01622 602743