Your Councillors

There are 55 Councillors in total

Conservative 25
Liberal Democrat 12
Independent Group 6
Green Independent Alliance 6
Labour Group 4
Fant and Oakwood Independents 2
Leader of the Council & Leader of the Conservative Group: Councillor David Burton
Deputy Leader of the Council Councillor Paul Cooper
Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group: Councillor Clive English
Leader of the Independent Group: Councillor Fay Gooch
Leader of the Green Independent Alliance: Councillor Stuart Jeffery
Leader of the Fant and Oakwood Independents: Councillor Paul Harper
Leader of the Labour Group: Councillor Maureen Cleator
The Cabinet:
Leader of the Council: Councillor David Burton
Cabinet Member for Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development and Deputy Leader: Councillor Paul Cooper
Cabinet Member for Corporate Services: Councillor John Perry
Cabinet Member for Communities, Leisure and Arts: Councillor Claudine Russell
Cabinet Member for Environmental Services: Councillor Patrik Garten
Cabinet Member for Housing and Health: Councillor Lottie Parfitt-Reid
The Mayor: Councillor Gordon Newton