Committee details

Planning and Infrastructure Policy Advisory Committee

Purpose of committee

The Planning and Infrastructure Policy Advisory Committee is able to consider matters relating to the responsibilities contained within the below portfolio.


Lead Member for Planning and Infrastructure



Additionally, due to the cross-cutting nature of the Leader of the Council’s portfolio, matters will also be considered where they overlap with the above portfolios. This includes:


Strategic Plan

Town Centre Strategy

Biodiversity & Climate Change

Capital Projects


Additional Information:

As the Terms of Reference for this Committee derive from the relevant Lead Members’ portfolios, any changes in those portfolios will amend the matters to be reviewed by this Committee.


The Lead Member portfolios can be found in Part B3, Appendix: Executive Roles.


These will be updated as required, and can be accessed here: (Public Pack)Agenda Document for Maidstone Borough Council Constitution, 11/11/2019 00:00


Contact information

Support officer: Committee Services. 01622 602033