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All Members except Councillors Spooner and Vizzard stated that they had been lobbied.


The Committee considered the report and the urgent update report of the Head of Planning and Development.


When introducing this item, the Major Developments Officer advised the Committee that:


·  Since this was a detailed application, a contributiontotalling £1,968 was being sought for additional Library book stock to meet the need generated by the new residents.


·  A message had been received from the office of former MP Helen Whately asking that the Committee take full account of objections raised by Mr Carpenter, a local resident.  These representations were available to view on-line.


Mr Blythin addressed the meeting on behalf of the applicant.




1.  That subject to the prior completion of a S106 legal agreement in such terms as the Interim Head of Legal Partnership may advise to secure the following:


·  The provision of affordable housing, the tenure split and amount to be determined, subject to a minimum of 16 affordable units which will be provided with a tenure split of 70/30 in favour of affordable rented housing or equivalent DM13 policy compliant solution;


·  A financial contribution per dwelling for the provision of health facilities, to be used towards a medical facility within Boughton Monchelsea, or failing that, for Stockett Lane Surgery or the Orchard Medical Centre, Coxheath, based on the following formula: £31,611 divided by (41 minus X) where X being the number of affordable housing units;


·  A financial contribution of £1,968 (£48 per dwelling) for additional Library book stock to meet the need generated by the new residents; and


·  A financial contribution of £38,950 (£950 per dwelling) for off-site open space provision, for use in the Parish of Boughton Monchelsea, subject to an assessment of pooling restrictions (the exact wording to be finalised by the Head of Planning and Development acting under delegated powers),


the Head of Planning and Development be given delegated powers to grant permission subject to the conditions and informatives set out in the report, as amended by the urgent update report, with the deletion of condition 9 (and re-numbering of the remaining conditions), the amendment of conditions 2 and 14 (originally 15) and an additional condition as follows:


Condition 2 (Landscaping and Boundary Treatment ) (amended)


Details of landscaping and boundary treatment, including fences and walls within the site, and treatment of existing hedges to be submitted to and approved by the Local Planning Authority prior to development above dpc level on site.  Particular focus should be given to the boundary adjoining Cobtrees in order to minimise overlooking and any loss of privacy.  Such details shall include maintenance and long term management of existing and proposed landscape, including trees and hedges.  All such works shall be carried out in accordance with the approved details.


  Reason:  To secure appropriate screening and landscaping.


Condition 14 (originally 15) (External Materials and Architectural Detailing) (amended)


Prior to the commencement of development, details of external materials and architectural detailing including the use of timber weatherboarding, tile hanging, ragstone, arched brickwork and other vernacular detailing, including the materials for cycle stores, shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority.  The development shall be constructed in accordance with the approved details.


  Reason:  In order to achieve a high standard of design in accordance with criterion 3 of Policy H1 (53) of the Proposed Main Modifications to the Maidstone Borough Local Plan, February 2016.


  Additional Condition


To the effect that no development shall commence on site until a S278 agreement has been entered into covering the upgrading of the existing zebra crossing to a puffin crossing on Heath Road – the exact wording to be finalised by the Head of Planning and Development acting under delegated powers.


2.  That the details to be submitted pursuant to condition 2 are to be agreed in consultation with the Ward Member and Councillor Harwood.


Voting:  12 – For  0 – Against  1 – Abstention


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