Actions for 2015-16 as identified in the current Annual Governance Statement

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Implementation of the Information Management Action Plan

The Information Management Strategy has been to Leadership Team including an action plan and resources required.


The Information Management Group met in November to consider and agree the communications plan for information and any matters relating to information security.


A training programme is being developed with Learning and Development

Actions completed as timetabled throughout 2015-16

Head of Policy and Communications

Embedding Corporate Governance and Ensuring Best Practice is identified

The Corporate Governance Working Group will continue.


The Corporate Governance Working Group has met as scheduled

Quarterly meetings with updates to Audit Committee and CLT every six months.

Head of Policy and Communications

Communication and Engagement of the New Strategic Plan

Strategy and Annual Action Plan approved Engagement Plan in place for Employees.


Action plan:


Completed work includes the annual report and “you said we did” information in Borough Update

Housing and Communities have been working with Involve (formerly Voluntary Action Maidstone) on improving engagement with hard to reach groups

A new social media policy has been produced and circulated to staff

Information on the new committee system has been provided on our website and in Borough Update

Budget and Strategic Plan consultation has begun.

One Council and Staff Engagement– team game on the priorities has been rolled out, briefing managers at Unit Managers including on tools such as Visual Management Boards – which include purpose and performance information for teams

Action plan covers 2015-16

Head of Policy and Communications


Learning and Development Manager

The residents survey identified that more work needed to be done on developing residents involvement in decision making as only 29% of respondents believe they can influence decision making in their area.

The Communication and Engagement action plan for 2015-16 includes actions to run you said we did campaigns.


The plan also includes actions to promote the new committee system of governance including public question time at meetings.


Webcasting continues to be reviewed including looking at how to have more resident engagement in meetings.


The resident survey will measure the progress that has been made.

Action plan covers 2015-16

Head of Policy and Communications

Updating the Strategic Risk Register

A framework has now been approved and risks now need to be identified and managed.


Audit attendance at service management meetings

and project boards across the Council to develop service/project risk



Based on the strategic plan, risk workshop with senior officers and Members looking to refresh and update the ‘strategic’ risks.


First comprehensive risk register compiled by audit.


First summary risk register review by Corporate Leadership Team.


First summary risk register review by Policy and Resources.


Risks refreshed as part of revised service planning process.


Audit, Governance and Standards Committee review of effectiveness of the risk management process.

June 2015




July-October 2015






December 2015






December 2015


January 2016



Spring 2016



Spring/Summer 2016

Director of Environment and Shared Services supported by the Head of Audit Partnership

Disaggregation of Planning Support Shared Service

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council (TWBC) is exploring withdrawal from the Mid Kent Planning Support partnership. A Planning Support Disaggregation Board has been set up to manage this.

Updates will be given to Councillors via the relevant Service Committee.

Director of Environment and Shared Services

Audit Reviews with weak Assurance.



Action Plans and implementation dates have been put in place and agreed.  Both the Data Protection and Emergency Planning Audits are now no longer rated as weak.

Actions to be followed up as they fall due.


To be reviewed as part of the six monthly review of the annual governance statement action plan

Head of Policy & Communications


Director of Environment and Shared Services



New Committee System of Governance

A review of the effectiveness of the new system to identify what is working well and any improvements that need to be made will be carried out by the Democracy Committee in early 2016, this could involve external assistance if appropriate.



March 2016

Democracy Committee

Appointment of Mayor

The Democracy Committee are carrying out a review of the process for appointing the Mayor.

February 2016

Democracy Committee supported by Democratic Services