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Strategic Priority: Keeping Maidstone Borough an attractive place for all

Priority Action: Respecting the Character of the Borough





Responsible Owner

Parish Charter


Undertake a review in 2016

·         Consultation with Parishes


·         Undertake full review – October 2016

Maintain a valuable and constructive relationship between the Borough Council and Parish Councils

John Littlemore

Culture and Heritage Strategy

Developing information base and plan.

RSA on a pilot project based on “what are the stories we tell each other, ourselves and others about who we are?”  - April 2017

Ensuring that we make the most of our Culture and Heritage assets

Dawn Hudd


Strategic Priorities: Keeping Maidstone Borough an attractive place for all  & Securing a successful economy for Maidstone

Priority Action: Ensuring there are good leisure and cultural attractions





Responsible Owner

A Sustainable Future for Mote Park

A plan will be adopted setting out a masterplan for the development and sustainability of Mote Park. 

·         Operational models explored for AZ and approach agreed – March 16


·         Contract Administrator appointed for stage 2 build phase of AZ – March 16


·         Business case produced for a new Café/Visitor/Education Centre for Mote Park – March 16


·         Funding bid submitted to HLF and/or other bodies – August 16


·         Construction of AZ complete – Feb 17


·         AZ open and operational – March 17



A range of outcomes have been identified including to, establish Mote Park as a destination recognising its status as one of Britain’s best loved parks and to protect the long term sustainability and financial future of the parks and open spaces and t.


Dawn Hudd

Play Area Improvements Programme


The £1.75m capital programme to replace strategic play areas will be delivered over 2016/17 and 2017/18.

·         Complete play area designs for reviews by parks and leisure team - Feb 16


·         Coordinate public  communication at each play area, outlining scope and closure periods – Feb 2016


·         Commence works –March 2016


·         Complete year one programme of works – July 2016


·         Assess performance of contractor on year one programme.  – July 2016


·         Retender or Award phase 2 contract – August 2016



To ensure a network of strategically Important Play Areas based on a 12 minute walking time for local residents to ensure all round, healthy development of children and young people.

Dawn Hudd

Parks & Open Spaces 10 Year Development Plan  


A new plan will be produced which outlines the role of our parks and open spaces, how we will manage and develop them.

·         Develop draft plan – Jan 2017


·         Consultation with key stakeholders – April 2016


·         Adoption of plan – Oct 2016


·         Consider the operational models – Jan 2017

A consolidated plan which sets out the role of parks and open spaces in our borough and addresses their sustainability for the future.  Including identifying maintenance and investment requirements.

Dawn Hudd

Destination Management Plan 


Delivery has commenced on the three year Destination Management Plan Action plan with the DMP Board overseeing its delivery via four working groups based on the themes River, Town, Countryside and Events.

·         DMP Project Working Groups set up – Nov 2015


·         Implement actions – Nov 2015


·         Update report to HCL Committee – May 2016

·         Increase the value of tourism

·         Connect the town with its surrounding countryside

·         Encourage more overnight visitors to the Borough to come into the town centre – including in the early evening – and to explore Maidstone’s countryside and villages

·         Strengthen potential visitors’ awareness and image of the Borough by using the Shared Story


Dawn Hudd

Museum Development Programme


A new 20 year Strategic Development Plan for Maidstone Museums will be produced and a Strategic Board set up to oversee its development and implementation.

·         Scope prepared for a new Museums 20 Year Strategic Plan – Jan 2016


·         Set up new Museums Strategic Board – Jan 2016


·         Capital works completed in reception – April 2016


·         Implement outstanding efficiencies identified from front of house review – April 2016


·         Implement new budget – April 2016


·         Draft Museums 20 Year Development Plan- April 2016

The museum will be a flagship museum and a nationally recognised tourist destination

Dawn Hudd