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15_505938 URGENT UPDATE_Peas Place

Item 18, Page 195                       Peas Place, Green Lane, Chart Sutton, Kent





Reference number: 15/505938


Delete conditions:

Delete condition 1 (personal consent) and condition 2 (temporary 5 year consent) and renumber the remaining conditions accordingly.


Given the additional landscaping proposed along the site boundary I am of the view that the development would not result in severe visual harm to the character and appearance of the countryside hereabouts, and consider it an acceptable development in the countryside.  In my view the determination of this application centres on the balance to be struck between the limited harm to the character and appearance of the countryside and the on-going need to provide accommodation for gypsies.   On reflection, there is no justifiable reason here for a temporary or personal permission and I therefore recommend conditional approval of the application on this basis.


New condition:

Within three months of the date of this decision notice, the mobile home shall be relocated to the position shown on the Proposed Block Plan; received on 23.11.2015, and the mobile home shall remain in this location whilst on the site unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Local Planning Authority; 


Reason: To safeguard the character and appearance of the area.


Amendment to committee report:

Amend paragraph 7.9 to read ‘April 2016 – March 2021 - 25 pitches’



GRANT PERMISSION subject to conditions.