APPENDIX B: Action being taken to address current issues


Action required / taken

Responsible Officer


The exit to The Mall is poorly lit and encourages anti-social behaviour including urination

Improved lighting is being raised with the Mall Management by the interim Director for Regeneration and Place

Interim Director for Regeneration and Place

April 2016

The subways attract anti-social behaviour including urination

The improvements to the town centre gyratory system will result in the closure of two of the subways.

Economic Development Officer

January 2017

The Community Toilet Scheme requires updating to reflect the current business profile of the Town Centre

The Chair of One Maidstone, formerly Town Centre Management, to be approached regarding contact with business network

Interim Director for Regeneration and Place

April 2016

The Town Centre toilets attract anti-social behaviour

Brenchley Gardens and Fairmeadow toilets operate seasonally to reduce anti-social behaviour.

Head of Environment and Public Realm / Parks Manager


The current cleaning schedule for Maidstone’s public conveniences is not responsive to the needs of each facility and is relatively expensive the level of service provided

A commissioning exercise is to be completed in conjunction with the Parks and Open Spaces Team to determine the most appropriate method for achieving a good cleaning standard across Maidstone’s public conveniences

Head of Environment and Public Realm

April 2016

The Butterfly Urinal on Maidstone’s High Street is not in working order and the cost for repair is greater than replacement.

The urinal has been closed since March 2015 and all utilities have been turned off. 

Street Scene Officer