REFERENCE NO -  16/507996/FULL


Raising of roof with insertion of 3 dormer windows, 2 roof lights and alterations to fenestration to provide additional living space

ADDRESS The White Horse  White Horse Lane Otham ME15 8RG  



The proposal will not harm the rural character of the area, is considered acceptable in size design and siting terms, will not harm the character of the public house building and will not result in any material harm to the outlook or amenity of houses overlooking or abutting the site.





Contrary to the views of Otham Parish Council



WARD Downswood And Otham



AGENT E P Architects Ltd












1.01     The site is occupied by a prominent public house and car park sited at the western end of an isolated and triangular area of housing known Three Tees sited a short distance the south of and laying outside the Otham Conservation Area (CA). The small housing enclave of Three Tees is sited in open countryside not subject to any specific landscape designation.


2.0       RELEVANT PLANNING HISTORY:          


2.01     14/0302: Demolition of existing storage building and erection of bed and breakfast unit (4 bedrooms) in connection with public house –A- 07.04.14  





3.01     The proposal is intended to provide two additional bedrooms as accommodation for the landlord and his family. The proposal has the following key elements to it.


-       Raising the roof ridge of the building by just under 1.5 metres and raising height of chimney

-       Installation of 3 equally spaced dormers on west facing roof slope and two rooflights on east facing roof slope.




The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG)

Adopted Local Plan: ENV28

Submission version of the draft local plan (draft local plan): SP17, DM1, DM3, DM34




5.01     18 neighbouring properties notified – no representations received.




6.01     Otham Parish Council : Objects on the following grounds:


-       The impact of the proposed building on the surrounding area is unreasonable due to its mass, size and density.

-       Inappropriate to replace the existing grey, slate roof with red/brown plain tiles.

-       The building is very recognisable in the village as a white building with a grey roof. It is not fitting to make a major colour change, particularly to a building which sits in such an open, prominent position.

-       Currently no 3 storey buildings in the vicinity.

-       Have not received, clarification regarding the insertion of 3 windows in the west elevation (The attic floor plan only shows two windows, one in each bedroom).


7.0       BACKGROUND PAPERS AND PLANS1: Drawing nos: 571.P.400 revA and 1571.E.02 rev B.


8.0       APPRAISAL


8.01     Three Tees is an isolated housing development lying outside any settlement and sited within open countryside. The proposal is therefore subject to the provisions of policy ENV28 of the adopted local plan and policy SP17 of the draft local plan. Policy SP17 essentially reflects the key provisions of policy ENV28.


8.02     In policy terms Three Tees is identified as lying within open countryside. However given it is a relatively densely area of housing its character is more that of a hamlet or village. The White Horse public house (PH) lies at the western extremity of the Three Tees hamlet and is visually more related to the hamlet rather than the open countryside to the south.        


8.03     Given this, it is considered the proposal will have no material impact on the character and setting of the adjoining countryside contrary to the provisions of policies ENV28 or SP17. The key considerations are therefore whether the proposal meets the design provisions of policy DM34 of the draft local plan (amended to policy DM30 in the Local Plan Inspectors interim assessment). Policy DM34, relating to design principles in the countryside, states, amongst other things, that:


Where an extension or alteration to an existing building is proposed, it would be of a scale which relates sympathetically to the existing building and the rural area; respect local building styles and materials; have no significant adverse impact on the form, appearance or setting of the building, and would respect the architectural and historic integrity of any adjoining building or group of buildings of which it forms part.


Design considerations:


8.04     The PH occupies a prominent position in the street scene with mid to long range views to its from houses overlooking the site on the opposite side of White Horse Lane to the north and abutting the site to the east. It is considered that raising the ridge height as proposed will reflect the existing roof profile while given the steeply sloping nature of the proposed will also minimise the impression of any increased bulk.


8.05     The three dormer windows proposed on the west facing elevation will be prominent when entering Three Tees in a west to east direction. However it is considered the proposed dormers, due to their scale, proportions and design are in keeping with and reflect character of the existing building.


8.06    The remaining external expression of the development is the two rooflights prosed in the east facing roofslope. However it is considered these are minor and unobtrusive elements adding little to the overall impact of the development.


8.07     Regarding use of materials, concerns relating to the use of red /brown plain tiles are noted. However it not considered, given the variety of materials in the immediate locality, there is any objection to reroofing the building in the materials proposed.


8.08     As such it is considered the proposal is acceptable in design terms meeting the provisions of the NPPF and policy DM34 of the draft local plan.


Heritage considerations:


8.09     The PH is separated by existing housing and a intervening open space from having any material impact on the character and setting of the Otham CA to the north. Regarding the heritage status of the PH, given its age, appearance and function it could be considered to be a non designated heritage asset (NDHA). However for the reasons set out in the design considerations above it is considered the proposal respects the character and appearance of the PH in accordance with the heritage provisions of the NPPF and policy DM3 of the draft local plan.


Amenity considerations:



8.10     As the proposal is (a) considered acceptable in its size, design and siting impacts along (b) the separation distance from nearby houses and (c) that only residential accommodation is proposed, the outlook or amenity of nearby houses will not be materially affected.




8.11     The nature of the proposal is unlikely to generate any additional traffic or parking and as such no objection is identified to the proposal on highway grounds.


Other matters:


8.12     The Parish Council are concerned regarding the insertion of three windows in the west elevation whereas the attic floor plan only shows two windows, one in each bedroom. The submitted plans show a pair of casement windows serving each bedroom but also an additional single window either side of the internal partition which appears externally as a pair of casement windows. This accounts for the three windows shown on this elevation.


9.0       CONCLUSION


9.01     The proposal will not harm the rural character of the area, is considered acceptable in size design and siting terms, has no material impact on the NDHA and will not result in any material harm to the outlook or amenity of houses overlooking or abutting the site. It is therefore recommended that planning permission is granted for the proposed development.


10.0     RECOMMENDATION – GRANT subject to the following conditions:


1.    The development hereby permitted shall be begun before the expiration of three years from the date of this permission;


Reason: In accordance with the provisions of Section 91 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 as amended by Section 51 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.



2.    The development shall be carried out in accordance with the external materials specified on drawing 1571.P.400 rev A.


Reason: In the interests of visual amenity.


3.    The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the following approved plans being drawing nos: 571.P.400 revA and 1571.E.02 rev B.


Reason: In the interests of amenity.


Note to Applicant


In accordance with paragraphs 186 and 187 of the NPPF, Maidstone Borough Council (MBC) takes a positive and proactive approach to development proposals focused on solutions. MBC works with applicants/agents in a positive and proactive manner by:


Offering pre-application advice.


Where possible, suggesting solutions to secure a successful outcome.


As appropriate, updating applicants/agents of any issues that may arise in the processing of their application.


In this instance:


The application was acceptable as submitted.


Case Officer: Graham Parkinson


NB       For full details of all papers submitted with this application please refer to the relevant       Public Access pages on the council’s website.

            The conditions set out in the report may be subject to such reasonable change as is         necessary to ensure accuracy and enforceability.