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Ref: 17/501449



Land North of Bicknor Wood



1.    Highways Matters


1.1       This application was deferred from Committee on 17th August to allow “consideration of this application be deferred to seek an urgent meeting with KCC Highways to resolve the outstanding highways issues”.


1.2       Such a meeting has occurred and an agreed joint statement from the relevant Directors is attached as Appendix 1.


1.3       The key elements of the statement are:


·         KCC maintain opposition to the proposed housing proposals on grounds of highways impacts, and particularly opposed bus prioritisation measure proposed on the A274


·         That if an alternative highways scheme can be devised that mitigates the highways impact of the proposal on the A274 then this can be considered for funding via the suggested legal agreement


·         The monies for public transport will be transferred to KCC for distribution to the appropriate bus companies


·         It is agreed that KCC to be party to all S106 agreements provided a timely deadline for the resolution of those agreements is set.


·         That, given the above Planning Committee Members should feel assured that both authorities are working collaboratively on all Highways matters


2.    Application Update


2.1          Further representations have been made by Otham Parish Council regarding the existing community hall in Otham, specifically:

·         That the proposed housing requires new community facilities;

·         That the existing hall is inadequate and not suitable for improvement;

·         That it is unreasonable that new residents should use community facilities elsewhere;

·         That a community centre should be built on the site.


2.2          Officer Comment: I consider that these points are already covered in the report and that there is no requirement for the provision of a new community centre on the site.


3.    Section 106 legal agreement update


3.1          There has been considerable progress on the issue of the funding of Junction 7 of the M20 improvements since the Committee last considered this application. 


3.2          The negotiations are ongoing but the main points are:

·         That Highways England have agreed the quantum of the costs of the part signalisation of Junction 7 of the M20 totalling a maximum of £3.6  million.

·         That this site (H1(7), plus H1(10) Land South of Sutton Road, and H1 (8) West of Church Road would make proportionate contributions, payable at 50% occupation,  in line with the J7 costings and this has been agreed in principle by the relevant applicants.


4.    Recommendation:  The recommendation is changed to add reference to ‘Heads’ to  read:


4.1         “That the Head of Planning and Development is able to settle, delete or amend any necessary Heads and planning conditions in line with the matters set out in the recommendation and as resolved by Planning Committee.”


Appendix 1