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Maidstone  Borough Council’s

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Foreword to be re-written for 2018-19

I am writing this foreword as an update to our strategic plan during a period of severe financial constraints as we continue to focus on delivering a full range of services with all

revenue support from central government removed. Despite this challenge the council remains ambitious for this year and has identified three areas for action:


               A home for everyone

               A clean and safe environment and;

               Regenerating the town centre


As a council our mission is to put people first. The three areas of focus will see action to ensure we have an attractive borough that respects our heritage and environment. This year we will deliver a new housing and regeneration strategy which will focus on providing much needed sustainable housing for our residents across the borough and further investment in Maidstone town centre. The importance

of maintaining clarity of communication between us and all our interested parties cannot be over emphasised if we are going to achieve our priorities and ensure we are all working towards a common goal. I want our residents to be proud of where they live, our businesses to be enabled to thrive and our visitors to enjoy our offer to the extent that they would come back to Maidstone over and over again.

Fran Wilson

Leader of the Council

Our Mission




















Putting people first


This will be updated with the priority areas for 2018-19



Providing a Clean and Safe Environment

Maidstone Borough Council is committed to creating an attractive environment which is safe, well maintained and clean. Our borough does not experience high levels of crime and through the Community Safety Partnership, we aim to protect the most vulnerable people in our community.


Our recycling levels have reached 5149.9%. Maidstone has areas of poor air quality due to high concentrations of nitrogen dioxide associated with road traffic and has designated the urban area of the borough as an Air Quality Management Zone.


We want:


People to feel safe in the borough and experience an attractive, clean and safe environment.


We will commit to:


          Investing to improve street infrastructure and the efficiency of cleansing services in accordance with our medium term financial strategy

          Delivering the Waste and Recycling Strategy

          Delivering the Community Safety Plan 2017-18

          Delivering the Low Emissions Strategy

          Adopting and Delivering an Air Quality DPD

Encouraging Good Health and Wellbeing

Deprivation in the borough is lower than average, however 15.214.8% of children (under 16 years old) in Maidstone live in poverty. There is a difference in life expectancy of men and women; women are expected to live 3 years longer than men and there is a 11 year gap between the ward with the highest life expectancy and the one with the lowest life expectancy


We want:


          To address the social determinants of health through our role in services like Housing, Environmental Health and Community Development and our provider role in terms of leisure activities

          To improve health outcomes for residents and reduce health inequality


We will commit to:


          Delivering our Housing Strategy

          Delivering our Health and Wellbeing Action Plan

          Adopting and dDelivering our Parks and Open spaces 10 year strategic plan



Respecting the Character and Heritage of our Borough

Maidstone is a largely rural borough with high quality landscapes, countryside and urban green spaces and associated rich bio-diversity. Our borough has many attractive and protected buildings and we want these to remain in place for future generations. Our focus on economic prosperity embraces the need to protect and enhance these features so that the borough remains a great place to live, work and visit.



We want:


       Thriving and resilient urban and rural communities

       To continue to listen to our communities

       To continue to respect our heritage and natural environment

       To continue to devolve services where we can and work with Kent County Council to do the same


We will commit to:


       Delivering the Local Plan

       Delivering the Green and Blue Infrastructure Strategy

       Adopting and dDelivering our Parks and Open Spaces 10 year strategic plan

       Delivering and honouring our Parish Charter

       Working with our Parishes and Communities on the design of their neighbourhoods

Ensuring there are Good Leisure and Cultural Attractions

There is always something to see or do in our borough reflecting the wide variety of venues, facilities and good quality public spaces. This not only enhances quality of life for Maidstone residents but also contributes significantly to the local economy. Our population is increasing at the highest rate in Kent. We are also growing as a destination for visitors and so our leisure and culture offer has continued importance for those living in and visiting the borough.


We want:


Maidstone to have a leisure and cultural offer which attracts visitors and meets the needs of our residents.


We will commit to:


        Delivering the Commercialisation Strategy which refers to a sustainable future for our parks

       Delivering the Destination Management Plan

       Delivering the Festival and Events Strategy

       Adopting and dDelivering the Museum’s 20 year plan

       Adopting and dDelivering the Parks and Open Spaces 10 year Strategic Plan



Regenerating the Town Centre


Maidstone has a thriving town centre benefiting from its role as the county town and has a diverse mix of residential, business, retail, cultural uses and public services. The changing economic environment has created challenges and the need for further investment in the town centre to meet the expectations of residents, businesses and visitors.


We want:


To ensure we have a thriving and attractive town centre that values our heritage and is fit for the future.


We will commit to:


       Delivering the Local Plan

       Delivering the Housing and Regeneration Strategy

       Delivering the Destination Management Plan

       Delivering Phase 3 of the Public Realm

Securing Improvements to the Transport Infrastructure for our Borough

Maidstone is strategically situated between London and the channel ports and is serviced by two motorway networks, the M20 and the M2, with rail connections to central London. We do however recognise that travelling in and around the borough by car during peak periods can be difficult

due to congestion. The bus transport network serving Maidstone town is relatively strong whilst rural transport presents distinct challenges


We want:


A sustainable transport network that meets the needs of residents, businesses and visitors.


We will commit to:


       Delivering the Integrated Transport Strategy

       Delivering the Walking and Cycling Strategy


A Home for Everyone




The supply of new affordable housing within the borough has been greater than in neighbouring authorities, although still less than historical levels. 139 303 new affordable homes were built in the borough in 20165/176.

13% of Maidstone households live in socially rented accommodation which is comparable to the rest of Kent.


We want:


To have enough homes to meet our residents’ long term needs, to include homes for affordable rent and affordable home ownership. These must be economically sustainable for all our residents.


We will commit to:


       Delivering the Local Plan

       Delivering the Housing and Regeneration Strategy

       Delivering the Housing Strategy

       Delivering the Temporary Accommodation Strategy

Range of Employment Skills and Opportunities Across the Borough

There were 83,20077,500 people employed in the Maidstone economy in 20165/176 with a high proportion in the public sector, reflecting the town’s status as Kent’s County Town and administrative capital. There were 7,0807,195 registered businesses in Maidstone in 20176.


We want:


To meet the skills needs of our residents and employers, supporting existing businesses and attracting new ones.


We will commit to:


          Delivering our Economic Development Strategy

          Working with businesses to support them to grow and develop

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