Appendix B – Illustrative Example of Timetable

The review must be concluded within twelve months, register published annually on 1 December


What happens




Terms of reference are published


June 1

Preliminary Stage

Desk Research, information  gathering, local briefings  and meetings

One Month

June 1 – June 30

Stage One

Initial Submissions are invited

Three months

July 1 – September 30

Stage Two

Consideration of submissions received – draft recommendations are prepared

Two months

October 1 – November 30

Stage Three

Draft Recommendations are published  - consultations on them

Three months

December 1 – February 28

Stage Four

Consideration of submissions received – Final recommendations are prepared

Two Months

March 1 – April 30


Final Recommendations  are published – concluding the review


May 1


Council resolves to make a reorganisation order

One month later

June 1