Business Survey highlights


Current situation

Number of spaces available


Under 10


Over 10


None available


Associated cost to business


Included within lease/rent


Pay additional costs




Costs to staff


Free parking


Discounted parking


Current incentives


Discounted Town Centre parking


No travel currently concessions offered



Summary: There is potential to market the P&R service to 73% of those that responded if we offer something different as they do not have suitable alternatives. More detailed understanding is needed of the type and size of businesses that responded to establish how useful this information is. 58 responses in total with some businesses providing more than 1 response, 34% were office based and 17% were in the retail sector.

49% employ up to 25 employees with 41% employing between 25-100 employees and 10% employing over 100 employees.

12% of businesses pay additional costs for their parking and they may be interested in viewing a comparison in their current costs and the costs of P&R.


Park & Ride Service

General Information/service issues


Awareness of P&R service

98% are aware

Whether the service on Saturday is suitable

25% do not agree

Whether the service on a Weekday is suitable

76% do not agree

Optimum operating frequency

48% said every 10 minutes


30% said every 15 minutes





Summary Good awareness of the service but 76% said that the service does not suit their business need on a weekday, predominately this was due to location (39%) frequency (33%) and operating hours (47%).

1 said the bus needed to run on Sunday’s and 1 said we should offer a peak service which runs more frequently and an off peak service that runs less frequently.


Future delivery

Interested in offering P&R to staff as an incentive

25% were interested


40% were not sure

Interested in being contacted regarding discounts and offers

88% were interested

Events that provide opportunity to develop the service through commercial activity

37%  hold events either regularly or occasionally





There is potential to generate interest in a staff incentive for the future with a small amount of businesses who responded. This may grow once we agree the terms especially as the survey has been carried out over a busy, short period.

There are a number of businesses who would be willing to collaborate and provide promotion of P&R to staff and visitors = 1.6 (Weighted Av)





X 6

Operational hours

X 9


X 3

More promotion

X 1

Service comments

X 3