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Item 16, Pages 109-143       Land South of Redwall Lane Linton Kent


Ref: 18/501181/FULL


Additional representations:


KCC (H&T) Note the comment from Berry Gardens that the current proposal is clear, transparent, easily understood and enforceable. I am also mindful of the

stipulation to monitor HGV movement associated with this development (as specified and approved under 17/505223/SUB) and the requirement for the applicant to make this data available when requested. Previous Representation unchanged.


Linton PC: The amended conditions sought will cause significant harm to many residents and the application should be rejected. It is the applicant who chose the site. This is an international logistics operation that has nothing to do with a local rural business. Families and homes run the length of the access route and beyond, which is why so many are objecting beyond Linton. Suffer with HGV road noise, engine noise, vibrations and rumble, windows and rattling cupboard doors but in the evening and the night-time there is some respite.

Many homes particularly in Linton Village are denied the ability to protect their homes with double glazing.  The seasonal factor is relevant: suggest from January to May. Need a condition; Most heavy goods vehicles over 7.5 tonnes are banned from the French road and motorway network every weekend between the hours of 10 p.m Saturday and 10 p.m Sunday ie locals need one night per week free of most of the HGV traffic. Redwall Lane has unofficial laybys used by construction lorries waiting to get onto the site



Local Residents. 4 further objections have been received, points are summarised:


·         No decision should be made until needs a fundamental re-assessment the parent planning permission as it was based on misleading information on traffic in the TA.

·         No clear definition on a vehicle “movement”.

·         No forecast of the related car and LGV traffic.

·         Impact on traffic flows south east of Maidstone is needed Local amenity should include the A229 and environs south of Maidstone. 

·         Additional noise at unsociable hours, affecting sleep

·         shaking of the foundations of cottages not made to withstand the juggernauts of today.

·         Pollution

·         highway danger to humans and animals

·         light pollution of the 'aircraft hanger'

·         further alterations will be sought

·         Resembles a lorry park at any Motorway Service Area

·         damage caused to the road


Discussion: Members will be aware that Berry Gardens referred to traffic logs from years prior to 2017 in evidencing no clear seasonality of their operations. The agent has been asked to supply that background data but none has been received to date.


The additional representations are noted but do not raise matters that have not been addressed in the main agenda. It is not considered reasonable to ban the night-time use of the building by HGVs one night of the week based on the operational nature of the business.


Recommendation remains unchanged