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External Board/Outside Body


External Board/Outside Body

Medway Valley Line Steering Group

Councillor(s) represented on the Outside Body/External Board

Clive English

Report Author

Clive English

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Purpose of the External Board/Outside Body:

This is the Local Rail Partnership and its work overlaps with the KCRP. Its main role is to bring together Local Borough and Parish Councils with other stakeholders and to discuss improvements to or activities on or around the Line.




Since the last report the focus for the partnership has been on promoting the line and enhancing its attractiveness through projects such as planting 1000 crocus bulbs at Maidstone West, seeking reuses for redundant buildings and lobbying for improvements such as step free access. Additionally it has been pushing for service improvements and this has been successful in part with the improved provision for the Paddock Wood/ Tonbridge part of the line.

As a Borough Member my main focus has been working with MVLP on this and other service issues. Please let me know if there are matters you wish me to raise.