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Implementing the Matrix

After assessment, each open space will fall into one of the four quadrants of the matrix.† This will help to indicate a possible course of action for each open space, but the final decision will require consideration by experienced staff and elected representatives.† The matrix provides a tool to help decision making by MBC in the context of wider MBC strategies and the Parks & Open Spaces 10 year Plan. Fundamentally it supports decision-making on the targeting of resources.


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2.††††††††††† S106 Developer Contributions
The Maidstone Borough Local Plan (2011 Ė 2031) Policies DM19 and OS1 together set out the Councilís requirements for the delivery of new and improved open space to support development within the Borough. The Councilís preference is that the needs for open space generated by new development should be accommodated within a development site to increase the overall quantity of provision. Where these needs cannot however be met in full on site, or in an off-site location, the Council will require financial contributions through planning obligations to ensure that necessary improvements to the quality of existing open space provision can be delivered. This Plan and its subsequent Action Plans, together with other relevant evidence, will be used by the Council to inform decisions about where such contributions can be allocated most effectively.


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4.††††††††††† MBC Nature Reserves

MBC will plan to ensure that the management of its open spaces supports and enhances biodiversity and addresses fragmentation of wildlife habitats.† This will be achieved through the review of Maidstoneís Local Biodiversity Action Plan and the management of existing sites and not by the further development or adoption of new nature reserves. Any opportunities to create new nature reserves will be considered on their individual merits with regard to relevant national guidelines and their sustainability.