Acting as the Crime and Disorder Committee, Communities, Housing and Environment Committee

19 March 2019

Urgent Update


Item 11. Verbal Update - Low Level and Nuisance Crime

This urgent update contains questions that have been submitted by Councillors for consideration during Item 11. Verbal Update - Low Level and Nuisance Crime.

Parking Enforcement and Pavement Obstruction

Question One – Councillor Clark

Parking is challenging in parts of the borough, especially near to schools. While many drivers park on pavements without affecting the ability for residents to pass, a small number cause a complete obstruction of the footway, leaving pedestrians little choice but to enter the road to pass. This is a real concern at Loose School where parents with buggies often enter the road. What can be done to better enforce against pavement obstruction in areas where MBC parking enforcement do not have powers (e.g. where there is no traffic order)?

Question Two – Councillor Webb

In my Ward (Coxheath and Hunton Ward) there are a number of motorists parking on the pavement blocking the way for pedestrians as well as other motorists. What are the thoughts of the police to deal with this issue?

Anti-Social Behaviour Relating to Motorcycles

Question Three – Councillor Clark

We are seeing increasing antisocial activity and criminal damage with motorcycles on footpaths and on and near a local recreation field. After 101 is called the motorcyclist can continue for several hours but often there are insufficient resources to visit the site involved. What steps are you taking to improve such matters?


PCSO Powers

Question Four – Councillor Mortimer

Current PCSO powers seem to be ineffective, while other areas in the UK have given greater powers to PCSO’s. What is the scope for increasing the powers given to PCSO’s in Maidstone? 

Police Presence in Urban and Rural Areas

Question Five – Councillor Mortimer

When there is an incident in the town centre, there is a risk that rural and out of town areas are left without cover. What steps are being taken to ensure that there is sufficient police resource available in all areas of the borough?

Enforcement Strategies

Question Six – Councillor Field

I have had many recent complaints from North Ward residents regarding what I would describe as low-level or nuisance crimes. Issues include:

  • Motorcycles being ridden on public footpaths
  • Antisocial parking on pavements and junctions
  • Ignoring the one-way system in place in Ringlestone

I would like to know what the current enforcement strategy is with regards to such offences when they are reported.