Item 13, Pages 11-28                                                       Eastfield Barn, Broad Street Hill, Hucking






●   Kent County Council, as the Lead Local Flood Authority, has reviewed the Foul and Surface Water Drainage Strategy and whilst no objection continues to be raised, an additional (precautionary) condition for this planning application has been recommended:


Prior to the commencement of the development hereby approved, a sustainable surface water drainage scheme for the site shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority. The drainage scheme shall be based upon the submitted Foul and Surface Water Drainage Strategy (date: Jan 2020 by Barter Hill Consulting Engineers), and shall demonstrate that the surface water generated by this development (for all rainfall durations and intensities up to and including the climate change adjusted critical 100 year storm) can be accommodated and disposed of within the curtilage of the site without increase to flood risk on or off-site. The drainage scheme shall also demonstrate (with reference to published guidance):


i)              that silt and pollutants resulting from the site use can be adequately managed to ensure there is no pollution risk to receiving waters.

ii)             appropriate operational, maintenance and access requirements for each drainage feature or SuDS component are adequately considered, including any proposed arrangements for future adoption by any public body or statutory undertaker.


Reason: To ensure the development is served by satisfactory arrangements for the disposal of surface water and to ensure that the development does not exacerbate the risk of on/off site flooding. These details and accompanying calculations are required prior to the commencement of the development as they form an intrinsic part of the proposal, the approval of which cannot be disaggregated from the carrying out of the rest of the development.



With the imposition of this additional condition, the recommendation remains unchanged