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Outside Body

Maidstone Mediation

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Clive English


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Clive English

Date of Outside Body Meeting Attended

Bi-monthly Board Meetings. 



Purpose of the Outside Body:

To provide Mediation and related services across the Maidstone and Malling





Maidstone and Malling Mediation continues to provide a range of services including family and neighbour mediation, peer mediation in schools and anger management courses. We have been expanding involvement in early intervention in order to try and assist in preventing problems from escalating.

Additionally, the organisation has continued to contribute its expertise in restorative justice. where it has long been a trendsetter. and has provided training to a number of organisations including the Prison Service.

In addition to new initiatives such as assisting the Prison Service to establish Peer Mediation within prisons we have had to face other challenges, such as reconfiguring to deal with the major difficulties posed for many by the current crisis, where Mediation and Anger Management Services have been in considerable demand.

It is important that organisations such as MBC and Social Landlords continue to refer to the services provided as this both helps resolve problems for local residents and reduces the impact on both the Council and other Public Bodies.