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From: Cynthia Robertson (Cllr) <>
Sent: 14 October 2020 16:20
To: Licensing (MBC) <>
Cc: Dan Daley (Cllr) <>; Diana Lewins (Cllr) <>
Subject: Application for Street Trading Consent - Mr. Adrian Ghinea


I have serious concerns about this application. The parking of this van on the footway at the corner of Hildenborough Crescent is likely to cause potential customers to park vehicles near to the junction with the London Road thus creating a hazard for vehicular traffic leaving and entering Hildenborough Crescent. There could be general noise and disturbance from customers using the van especially late in the evening which would be detrimental to the residents living nearby. The position of the van may cause an obstruction to pedestrians especially those who are disabled and/or partially sighted. There could also be a problem with cooking odours. Please take my comments into account when a decision is made on this application.


Cllr. Cynthia Robertson

Allington Ward


From: Dan Daley (Cllr) <>
Sent: 19 October 2020 23:16
To: Kerry Watson <>
Cc: Cynthia Robertson (Cllr) <>; Diana Lewins (Cllr) <>; Rob Bird <>;
Subject: RE: New Street Trading Application


Dear Kerry.


I have never in my whole experience as a Councillor seen such an ill-conceived and totally unworkable proposition. I am totally surprised that you are even asking or allowing this to be considered as a serious proposal.


My reasons are as follows.


1.       The vehicle for trading would be standing on the public footpath and cycleway. This is controlled by KCC Highways and I doubt that they would ever give permission. (Have they been asked?)

2.       There is simply nowhere suitably off -road for any customer to park a vehicle to complete a transaction.

3.       This is situated on the corner of one of the busiest junctions of a major residential estate road and the main arterial A20 London Road.

4.       Any vehicle parked on either roads would be too close to the junction and cause severe restriction of sight lines and be dangerous for other vehicle movements..

5.       This position for trading would cause congestion at peak times on this already overburdened road.

6.       The proposition is totally unworkable and should be dismissed.


As stated above, I am surprised that this is being discussed as a subject for decision bearing in mind its position on the road/footway/cycleway infrastructure.


Dan Daley

MBC Member for Allington

KCC Member for Maidstone Central