7 December 2021


Local Plan Review Update


Final Decision-Maker

Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Committee

Lead Head of Service

Philip Coyne (Interim Director of the Local Plan Review) and Rob Jarman (Head of Planning and Development)

Lead Officer and Report Author

Mark Egerton (Strategic Planning Manager)




Wards affected



Executive Summary


At the 10 March 2020 meeting of this committee, Members resolved that officers provide a short, written update at each meeting of this committee, concerning any slippage and/or progress on delivering the Local Plan Review on the timetable agreed. This report provides the requested update.


Purpose of Report



This report makes the following recommendations to this Committee:

1.   That the report is noted






Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Committee

7 December 2021

Report title here





1.1     At the 10th March 2020 meeting of the Strategic Planning and Infrastructure (SPI) Committee, Members resolved that officers should provide a short-written update at each meeting of the committee, concerning any slippage and/or progress on delivering the plan on the timescale agreed. This report provides the requested update.


1.2     The ongoing consultation on the Local Plan Review Regulation 19, Draft for Submission documents is due to finish on 12th December 2021.


1.3     At the time of writing this report, several hundred representations have been received, with the majority of representations expected at the end of the consultation period.


1.4     Processing of the representations is ongoing and includes uploading onto our consultation portal and preparation of the representations for publication. This includes redaction of sensitive information, such as address details. At the time of writing this report, processing is keeping pace with receipt of the representations, which has been facilitated by the purchase of an additional software licence to aid the redaction process.


1.5     Analysis of the representations has also commenced and is ongoing. Initial comments have raised various matters including the amount of housing proposed. This has included the view that too much housing is being proposed, from some local residents and the view that further sites should be included, from some within the development industry.


1.6     Concerns have also been raised regarding the impact of growth on the environment. However, the majority of comments at this stage have focussed on development in the main growth areas of Heathlands and Lidsing garden communities.


1.7     Representations on the garden community proposals have mainly raised concerns around the principle of development, the impacts of development on the locations and their surrounding areas and the provision of infrastructure, including transport infrastructure.


1.8     Invicta Barracks has been subject of an increased number of representations compared to the Regulation 18 Preferred Approaches consultation. These have included concerns around the scale of development and the provision of infrastructure.



2.   RISK


2.1     This report is presented for information only has no direct risk management implications. Risks associated with the LPR are dealt with through the usual operational framework and have been previously reported.






3.1     None