At the Democracy and General Purposes Committee Meeting held on 9 March 2022, the Head of Policy, Governance and Communications was given delegated authority to make minor amendment to the draft Constitution to correct errors, omissions or inconsistencies. The table below outlines the changes made to the documents since the agenda publication for this evening’s meeting. 



Change to:

A1, p. 10, 9.1

‘Guide to the constitution’ Referred to as an Appendix.

Amend to ‘Annex’.

A2, p. 11, 1.1.3 a)

Participation from Local Residents does not include remote attendance.

Wording added to facilitate remote attendance.

A2, p. 19, 4.3.2 a) i)

Key and Procedural decisions within one paragraph.

Separate Key and Procedural decision definitions.

A2, p. 21, 5.6

Budget and Policy Framework rules referenced incorrectly as C20.

Change to C10.

A2, p. 25, 6.5.1

AGS consisting of 9 Members; no mention of Parish Representatives. 

Add ‘plus two (2) Parish Councillors’.

A2, p. 26, 6.6.2 a)

Reference made to Cabinet.

Amend to ‘the Executive’.

A2, p. 33, 8.6.1

Officer/Member protocols referred to as Part Four.

Amend to Part E.

B1, p. 45, 2.3.2

Purpose of Licensing Committee states


‘including making recommendations to the relevant Member on the Executive as required’.

Remove sentence as not required.

B, p. 88, 17.10

Describes affixing of the Council’s Common Seal.

Amend ‘any other solicitor authorised’ to ‘any other authorised signatory’.

C1, p. 116, 17.1

References ‘whole number of the council’.

Amend to ‘whole number of the Members’.

Appendix A, p. 121, 2.3 and 2.4

Refers to 200 signatory threshold for petitions concerning non-Executive functions.

Amend to 100.




C2, p. 140, 11.3.1




C1, p. 111, 13.

C3, p. 151, 3.5.2.


Deadline for registering to speak as:


4 p.m. the working day before the meeting at Committee.


4 p.m. one clear working day before a meeting of the full Council and the Executive.



Amend to 4p.m. one clear working day before the meeting and apply to all types of meeting. 

C2, p.128, 3.2.2

Election of Policy Advisory Committee Vice-Chairman

Amend ‘belong’ to ‘belonging’.

C2, p. 131, 5.2.3 a)

Reference to a call-in as ‘Call-In by a Member’.

Amend to ‘Member Call-In’.

C2, p.134, 7.3.2

Visiting Members at Committee.

Remove ‘on which he/she does not sit on’ – conflicts with C2, 2.5.2

C2, p. 136, 8.1.4

Quorum for Sub-Committees as 2 Members.

Add ‘although some panels and sub-committees may have a quorum of three’.

C2, p. 140, 11.3.3

Removal of Parish Council speakers in addition to public speakers 

Re-introduce (included within Council procedure rules).

C3, p. 152, 3.8.1

Executive to add any item to an Executive Meeting agenda.

Insert wording: ‘relating to an executive function’ and ‘by the Leader’.


C3, p. 158, 3.3

Rule that includes the prohibition on recording the meetings proceedings when in closed session.

Put into separate rule. New 3.6, existing 3.6 becomes 3.7

C4, p. 163, 11.2

References to Rule 15 and 16

Amend to Rules 11.5 and 11.6

C4, p. 164:









Forward Plan including Other Material Decisions



Rule 11.55 referenced



Add ‘in the exercise of Executive functions’.



Amend to Rule 11.5

C9, from page 215, Rules 3.

Further clarifications and amendments received from the External Legal Representative on the Appointment and Dismissal of Statutory Officers.


Amend the following:


3.1: Replace


‘a Panel appointment by the Employment Committee’




‘The Chief Officers Appointment Panel.


3.2: Replace


‘2015’ with ‘2010, as amended’.


3.3: remove ‘and recommendation’.


3.5 – amend to point 3.4.4 and re-introduce 3.5 as

‘Procedure Rules Applying to Dismissal of Any Chief Officer’.


Add in new 3.5.1 a):


‘This procedure shall apply to disciplinary issues considered by the Chief Officers Investigation and Disciplinary Panel. The Panel shall consider any disciplinary issues involving Chief Officers including the Head of Paid Service, Chief Finance Officer or Monitoring Officer, referred to in these rules as the Designated Statutory Officers (“DSOs”) and Heads of Service.


Points within rule 3.5 only to be updated following new point a), e.g. original point a) to become point b).


3.5.1 d) replace Designated Statutory Officer with DSO.


3.5.1 e) Insert “” around the (II) abbreviation.


3.5.1 g) Remove three references to DSO and replace the first with ‘any officer’ and the remaining two with ‘officer’.



Visiting Member is not defined in every set of procedure rules and remote attendance not included.

Definition of Visiting Members added to Glossary, including their remote attendance at meetings.


Major Service Failure definition not included

Major Service Failure definition added to Glossary


Nuisance definition was inconsistent with the constitution

Corrected to match definition in A2, p. 16, 3.5.11.

Annex A

Page 6


The right to move amendments to any Motion by the Leader concerning the Administration’s Programme for the Municipal Year incorrect rule referenced

Change to refer to Part C1, 15.6

Annex A

Page 6

The right, together with two (2) others, to call-in a decision of the Executive for scrutiny incorrect section referenced

Change to refer to Part C3 6 and 7