Overview and Scrutiny Committee acting as the Crime and Disorder Committee – Member Briefing on Safety in the Town Centre.


Briefing Note

At the 6 October 2022 meeting of the Committee (acting as the Crime & Disorder Committee), a briefing will be provided that will outline the measures taken to improve safety in the town centre.

The briefing will be provided by Martyn Jaynes, Community & Strategic Partnerships Manager and supported by Kent Police, Youth Services and One Maidstone. John Littlemore, Head of Housing and Regulatory Services will also be in attendance.

As the relevant Lead Member on the Executive for the review’s subject matter, Councillor Lottie Parfitt-Reid will also be invited to attend.

Topics to be covered (subject to amendment depending on the latest information available)

·         Town Centre Task Force

·         Statistics on crime in the Town Centre

·         Areas of Focus

·         Partners

·         Safeguarding


Next Steps – 18 October 2022 Meeting

Based on the feedback received and questions asked from the Member briefing, questions will be formulated for the external stakeholders that will be invited to attend the 18 October 2022 meeting.


Additional Information

The following information has been included with this briefing note:

1.   Extract from the Community Safety Plan

2.   Extracts relating to Safety in the Town Centre from the ‘Town Centre Strategy Data Pack’ (as the area defined within the proposed Town Centre strategy)

3.   Review Scope