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Hello MBC licencing Dept.

In response to your recent email info concerning fuel crisis for the hackney trade inviting suggestions,may i make the following suggestions for consideration.?


1. MBC to purchase and store 2 lge 

Fuel tanks with hose and locks near the maidstone house offices carpark...


When eventually the fuel prices come down to normal levels pre- war crisis

Mbc could have delivery by fuel lorries 2 full tanks of diesel and then only allow hackney drivers to fill up their vehicles when needed using passport id or other security feature.could mbc subsidise this maybe at a reduced cost to the drivers?.This would help them if prices rise again like at the moment.


Alternatively to give them fuel credit and then mbc can claim back the money from each driver for the fuel theyve taken at end of each month by drivers registering their number plate and cab number into the fuel tank keypad.They can pay back into the gateway.


If  prices rise again to unprecedented level in the future then they would be able to fill up more cost effectively and continue to trade rather than going to normal pumps.


2. To reduce their weekly vehicle rental i understand they pay average 450 weekly just to rent their cab before starting to  earn their wages thus many working 13/ 14 hrs shifts often waiting ages in a queue for their next fare.


3. Hackney drivers could offer a small discount voucher to their regular customers on every 4th journey they take with same driver thus encouraging regular custom.


4.To allow different waiting areas/ranks in town to evenly distribute availability to customers. For Ex: lockmeadow market area,Allington shops, and on council estate areas like shepway parkwood and senacre where no hackneys are based  especially now that many bus routes are cancelled or reduced,rather than too many all piled up in king st and high st.this could give them more chance of fairer custom especially out of town areas for disabled and pensioners.


May i ask that these ideas can be considered for the hackney trade?

Kind regards