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Lenham Neighbourhood Plan (Regulation 17A)

Meeting: 08/09/2020 - Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Committee (Item 186)

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The Planning Policy Officer introduced the report and informed the Committee of a typographical error, whereby recommendation two referred to point 1.8, rather than point 2.8 of the report. A minor modification to the plan, through the addition of an addendum was recommended to the Committee, as a result of a Natural England Advice Note published in July 2020. The proposed addendum was shown in point 2.8 of the report.


The Planning Policy Officer highlighted that a post-examination neighbourhood plan would hold significant material consideration, significant weight would follow a decision to proceed to referendum, with full weight given following a successful referendum. In line with government guidance, no referendums would take place until 6 May 2020.




1.  The modifications to the Lenham Neighbourhood Development Plan as set out in the examiner’s report be agreed;


2.  The minor amendments agreed with Lenham Parish Council, as set out in paragraph 2.8 of the report, be agreed; and


3.  The Lenham Neighbourhood Development Plan proceed to local referendum be agreed.