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Housing Strategy 2022-27

Meeting: 22/03/2023 - Executive (Item 174)

174 Housing Strategy 2023-28 pdf icon PDF 155 KB

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RESOLVED:That the draft Housing Strategy 2023-2028 be approved for adoption.


(See Record of Decision)




Meeting: 14/02/2023 - Communities, Housing and Environment Policy Advisory Committee (Item 136)

136 Housing Strategy 2023-28 pdf icon PDF 156 KB

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The Lead Member for Housing and Health introduced the report, stating that the Housing Strategy provided a framework for the Council to fulfil its statutory housing functions through other more detailed policies, supporting the strategic plan objective of ‘Homes and Communities’. The three main priorities of the strategy were the delivery of a range of housing types, ensuring the existing housing in the Borough is maintained and to secure the best support for the vulnerable households.


Following the strategy’s adoption, the Lead Member for Housing and Health and the relevant service area would produce an action plan to set out how the priorities would be delivered. The action plan would be shared with the Committee.


During the discussion, the impact to local road and health infrastructure from increased development was mentioned. In response, the Lead Member for Housing and Health explained the use of CIL monies, and the continued work with Kent County Council and the National Health Services to ensure infrastructure was provided. 


In response to questions the Head of Housing and Regulatory Services advised that there was an opportunity to provide bungalows through the 1000 affordable homes programme. The Council worked closely with KCC towards securing extra care schemes for our growing older population, as they were very successful. 


RESOLVED: That the Executive be recommended to approve the Housing Strategy 2023-2028, attached at Appendix 1 to the report.