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Meeting: 12/01/2023 - Licensing Committee (Item 61)

61 Animal Licensing - Service Update and Proposed Fees pdf icon PDF 283 KB

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The Community and Strategic Partnerships Manager introduced the report and stated that there had been a significant review of the legislation applicable to animal licensing in 2018. The associated guidance had been adopted by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, with industry-wide learning having taken place since 2018.


The new legislation introduced had been designed to improve animal welfare within businesses where animals contributed to the business model. The guidance produced allowed regulators, such as the Council, to ensure that those businesses met and maintained animal welfare standards. The fees would apply to businesses that generated more than £1,000 annually from their business, except for the fee applicable to dangerous wild animals which was intended to ensure that there were no risks posed to the relevant household or community in general.


The Community and Strategic Partnerships Manager stated that existing licence holders would not be affected by the proposed fee increases until renewal, the earliest of which would be in 2024.


The Committee expressed their support for the proposal and strongly reiterated the importance of ensuring animal welfare standards were maintained. The positive impact of existing businesses not being affected by the increased fees until 2024 at the earliest, was highlighted. 


The Committee wished to extend their thanks to the Community Protection Team for the work undertaken. The good quality of the report was also highlighted.




1.  The work undertaken to improve animal welfare standards to date, be noted;


2.  The proposed fee structure, produced in accordance with the guidance provided by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, be agreed with effect from 1 April 2023; and


3.  An update report on the work undertaken by the Community Protection Team in relation to animal licensing be presented to a future meeting of the Committee.