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Festival and Events Strategy Update

Meeting: 18/12/2017 - Heritage, Culture and Leisure Committee (Item 93)

93 Festival and Events Strategy Update


The MCL Marketing and Sales Manager updated the Committee on the Festival and Events Strategy and highlighted to the Committee that:


·  The Council supported two events per year both financially and with officer time: Proms in the Park and Shemomedjamo. Core funding for these two events was being reduced by £10,000 per year for three years from 2017-18 and by 2020-21 the Council funding of these events would be zero.


·  Shemomedjamo was on target to be self-financing by the end of year three.


·  Parkwood Leisure provided the event management for Proms in the Park as part of their contract. The Council provided Parkwood Leisure with £14,000 for delivery of the event as well as staff resource in planning and marketing the event.


·  It would not be financially viable to run Proms in the Park on the existing model in 2018. Additional income was required to support the event and by 2020 it was required to be self-financing.


·  Investigations into sponsorship of the event were not successful because the event was regarded as too short in length with a small and unguaranteed audience.


·  The date for Proms in the Park 2018 was not going to be on the same weekend as the Royal Wedding or the FA Cup Final.


·  The direct economic impact of events in the Borough was estimated to be in excess of £10 million.


In response to questions from the Committee, Officers replied that:


·  The proposed cost of an adult ticket for Proms in the Park would be between £5-7 and children up to the age of 16 would receive free entry to the event.


·  Any surplus income would provide additional entertainment, as well as extra facilities for the event.


·  The tickets could be purchased in advance using the Hazlitt Theatre’s ticketing system.


·  Proms in the Park 2018 would be similar in structure to previous years, but we would seek to enhance the event through the addition of concessions, extra facilities and performers. 


The Committee requested that the Chairman and Vice-Chairman be consulted on the planning of Proms in the Park in order that Members’ views could be incorporated into the process.


It was noted that Councillor Ells arrived at 6.42 p.m. during consideration of this item.




  1. That Proms in the Park becomes a paid for event through tickets sales and other commercial activities.


  1. That the idea of free entry for children up to the age of 16 and an entry fee for adults of no greater than £7 be supported.


  1. That a steering group be organised to include the Chairman and Vice-Chairman.


Voting: Unanimous