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The Big Conversation on rural Transport in Kent consultation

Meeting: 10/07/2018 - Strategic Planning, Sustainability and Transportation Committee (Item 44)

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Mr Stuart Watson, Planning Officer Strategic Planning, gave a presentation outlining the Council’s proposed response to the Kent County Council (KCC) consultation on Rural Transport in Kent.


It was noted that the consultation had not outlined a preferred approach and as such concerns were raised about the viability, cost effectiveness and long term sustainability of the services proposed. The example was given of community mini bus services, some of which were struggling to survive.


The Committee highlighted that the accessibility of bus stops, as well as the accessibility of smaller buses should be referred to in the consultation response. Concerns were raised that although smaller buses are often Disability Discrimination Act compliant, they can still be more difficult to board than a regular bus.


The Committee requested that the points raised above be reflected in the consultation response.




That, subject to the amendments requested by the Committee, the responses set out in paragraphs 1.12 to 1.17 be agreed as a basis for the Council’s response to Kent County Council.


Voting: Unanimous