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Park and Ride – Pay to Park Trial

Meeting: 06/11/2018 - Strategic Planning, Sustainability and Transportation Committee (Item 109)

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Mr Kitson explained to the Committee that the trends demonstrated in the Park and Ride – Pay to Park Trial report used data from June 2018 to September 2018.  Mr Kitson stated that an income of £65,000 had been recorded for the first four months, which represented an overall deficit of £49,000 for the service.  While the small data sample did not enable accurate forecasting, if the trends continued, a deficit of £134,000 was anticipated by the end of the financial year.  It was noted that car sharing was not prevalent at peak times, however, 155 cars were removed from highways each day at peak hours through the Park and Ride Service.


Mr William Cornall, Director of Regeneration and Place, informed the Committee that engagement with KCC regarding the Park and Ride service had been ongoing through various routes.  These included the Quality Bus Partnership, liaison between Transport Innovation Teams and direct contact with the Director of Transport.  While KCC supported the scheme, the only available option for financial support was through the Concessionary Travel Scheme.


Councillors Newton, McKay and Daley spoke on this item as Visiting Members.


The Committee commented that:


·  Modal shift was more apparent at off-peak times, while a key objective was to achieve this during peak times.


·  If the Highway Authority, KCC, considered the service too important to be lost, it should take responsibility for the operation or funding of the Park and Ride service.


RESOLVED:That the performance of the Park and Ride – Pay to Park trial be noted.