Information about Cabinet Member for Environment (Cttee)

Councillor Marion Ring


To take the lead within the Cabinet for ensuring that the Council delivers its strategic objective for Maidstone to be a decent place to live and in particular that the borough continues to have a clean and attractive environment.  Specific responsibility for:-


Strategic Planning

·  Waste Management Strategy

·  Public Health Strategy

·  Air Quality Management Strategy

·  Safety in Action

·  Contaminated Land Strategy

·  Private Water Management

·  Climate change framework

·  Licensing Strategy and policies

·  Carbon Management Plan

·  Local Biodiversity Action Plan

Performance Management

·  Waste minimisation and recycling

·  Waste collection

·  Cleansing services

·  Environmental Health services

·  Licensing

·  Bereavement

·  Parking Management and enforcement

·  Planning for Real

·  Capital projects and programmes relevant to the portfolio

·  Cobtree Golf Course

Climate Change and Sustainability

·  To be the Lead Cabinet Member for Climate Change

·  Ensure Council, non-executive Committees, Cabinet and Cabinet Members are aware of sustainability issues when formulating policy

·  Make recommendations to Council on sustainability issues

External Affairs and Partnerships

·  Represent the Council on all relevant partnerships including the Kent Waste Partnership

·  Responsibility for relationships with funders