Council Tax summary 2022-23

Summary of our revenue budget

During 2022 to 2023 we will spend £23.232m on services that fall into the summarised categories in the following tables:

Gross expenditure (£000)
Parking 2,452 2,419
Planning and economic development 9,872 7,040
Recreation and tourism 6,181 6,420
Environment and health 5,744 5,336
Refuse collection and disposal 5,299 4,774
Housing 40,167 43,515
Other services 8,147 7,214
Transfers to/from reserves4,666 3,817
Total 82,52880,535
Gross Income (£000)
Parking 3,402 3,444
Planning and economic development 8,197 3,551
Recreation and tourism 1,337 1,290
Environment and health 1,953 1,921
Refuse collection and disposal 1,895 1,867
Housing 36,762 40,124
Other services 5,7505,643
Transfers to/from reserves 0 0
Total 59,29660,840
Budget (£000)
Parking (950) (1,025)
Planning and economic development 1,675 489
Recreation and tourism 4,844 5,130
Environmental and health 3,791 3,415
Refuse collection and disposal 3,404 2,907
Housing 3,405 3,391
Other services 2,397 1,571
Transfers to/from reserves 4,666 3,817
Total 23,23219,695
Funded by
 2022/2023 (£000) 2021/22 (£000)
Retained Business Rates 5,284 4,050
Government compensation for Business Rates reliefs 0 11,786
Other grants3740
Collection fund adjustment -663 -13,357
Council Tax 18,207 17,216
Total 23,232 19,695
  • The gross income figure of £59.296 million includes £41.287 million in specific grants. (£43.087m in 2021/22)
  • Our share of Council Tax for 2022/23 will rise by £5.40 for band D properties
  • We no longer receive a revenue support grant from central government. The government allows us to retain a proportion of the business rates we collect, this amounts to approximately 10.2% of the amounts payable by businesses. Most of our revenue comes from Council Tax and income from our services
  • Housing includes the cost of the housing benefit system and a specific grant from the Department of Works and Pensions
  • Other services contain appropriation accounts that ensure that capital charges and pension adjustments have no effect on the Council Tax payer.


In line with good financial management practice we maintain an adequate level of balances to safeguard against unexpected events and to ensure that we are in a sound financial position to continue to provide services. The table below shows the current level of balances held.

Provisional balance at 31st March 2021 (£000) 9,196
Net amount used in 2021/22 (£000)0
Provisional balance at 31st March 2022 (£000) 9,196
Net projected surplus in 2022/23 (£000) 0
Provisional balance at 31st March 2023 (£000)9,196

These are the full details for both the revenue and capital budgets for 2022/23. Printed copies are also available upon request.

Parish precepts excluding parish meeting areas

ParishParish expenditure (£)Band D precept per dwelling (£.p)
Boughton Malherbe7,00527.84
Boughton Monchelsea109,82257
Broomfield & Kingswood55,45277.46
Chart Sutton22,50054.04
Collier Street19,80848.99
East Sutton6,43446.93
Farleigh East75,000112.31
Farleigh West26,232106.21
Sutton Valence70,75994.23
Yalding 76,00069.64
Maidstone Borough-276.3

Please contact your parish council for information about the services it provides

If you live in an area with a parish council then this sum will be charged in addition to the total shown in the Council Tax bands table for Maidstone Borough. A table showing the value of Council Tax across all bands can be found on our banding and what to pay page. Alternatively you can calculate the tax in the other bands by using the figures below, so for example: for Band A divide the Band D figure by 9 and multiply it by 6.

  • Band A: 6/9ths
  • Band B: 7/9ths
  • Band C: 8/9ths
  • Band D: 1
  • Band E: 11/9ths
  • Band F: 13/9ths
  • Band G: 15/9ths
  • Band H: 18/9ths

Council Tax bands 2022/23

All the information on this page shows our portion of the total Council Tax bill. The table below shows the breakdown of the total bill. (Figures in £.p)

BandKent County CouncilKent County Council Adult Social CareMaidstone Borough CouncilPolice and Crime Commissioner for KentKent and Medway Fire and Rescue AuthorityTotal Council Tax (excluding parish precepts)

Adult social care authorities

Local authorities responsible for providing social care to adults under Part One of the Care Act 2014.

For those local authorities, Council Tax bills show two percentage changes:

  • One for the part of the overall change attributable to the adult social care precept and
  • One for the part attributable to general expenditure

The Secretary of State made an offer to adult social care authorities.

The offer was the option of an adult social care authority being able to charge an additional “precept” on its council tax without holding a referendum, to assist the authority in meeting its expenditure on adult social care from the financial year 2016-17. It was originally made in respect of the financial years up to and including 2021-21. If the Secretary of State chooses to renew this offer in respect of a particular financial year, it must be approved by the House of Commons.