Decision notice template

Decision notice template

Complaint No: xxxx

On [insert date], the Hearing Panel of Maidstone Borough Council considered a report of an investigation into the alleged conduct of [insert name of Member], a member of [insert authority name]. A general summary of the complaint is set out below.

Complaint summary

[Summarise complaint in numbered paragraphs as set out in the Investigating Officer’s report to the Hearing Panel]

Consultation with Independent Person

[Summarise the Independent Person’s views in numbered paragraphs]


After considering the submissions of the parties to the hearing and the views of the Independent Person, the Hearing Panel reached the following decision(s): [Summarise the finding of facts and the Hearing Panel’s decision against each finding of fact in numbered paragraphs as set out in the Investigating Officer’s report to the Hearing Panel, but substitute the Investigating Officer for the Hearing Panel. Please note that the Hearing Panel’s findings may differ from that of the Investigating Officer]

The Hearing Panel also made the following recommendation(s)

[Detail recommendations]

Sanctions applied

The breach of the [insert authority name] Code of Conduct warrants a [detail sanctions applied].


There is no right of appeal against the Hearing Panel’s decision.

Notification of decision

This decision notice is sent to the:

  • Member [name of Member]
  • Complainant
  • Monitoring Officer
  • [Clerk to the xxxx Parish Council];
  • Kent County Council’s Monitoring Officer [applicable only where the Member is serving at both Borough and County level]

Additional help

If you need additional support in relation to this decision notice or future contact with the Borough Council, please let us know as soon as possible. If you have difficulty reading this notice, we can make reasonable adjustments to assist you, in line with the requirements of the Equality Act 2010. We can also help if English is not your first language. Please refer to the attached Community Interpreting Service leaflet or contact our Customer Services on [insert telephone number] or email [insert email address].


Print name:

Chairman of the Hearing Panel