Information to support the documents

Documents required from the applicant to be accepted on to the housing register or upon consideration of an allocation of accommodation


1. EEA Nationals, but not UK citizens

  • Valid passport for each household member
  • Evidence of at least one year completed employment in the UK prior to May 2011
  • Evidence of any employment since May 2011, for example a wage slip or P60
  • Any other evidence that proves eligibility for subsidised housing

2. Non-EEA Nationals

  • Valid passport for each household member
  • Proof of indefinite leave to remain
  • Any other evidence that proves eligibility for subsidised housing.

Additional Information

1. Proof of identity

For each named applicant photographic identification, for example, a valid passport or photo driving licence, or similar document and your national insurance number.

2. Proof of income

  • Salary/wage slips for the past two months
  • Proof of any income-related benefits received, for example, income support
  • Statements from all bank, building society and savings accounts for the past two months

3. Proof of your address/tenure

Tenancy agreement if there is a tenancy, if not recently addressed correspondence.

4. If you have children living with you

  • Birth certificate for each child, and
  • Proof of receipt of child benefit and or child tax credits

5. If you have access to children that do not live with you full time

Residence Order if available, or letter from the child’s full time carer detailing the access arrangements, including the frequency of visits, the length of time they have been in place, and any future arrangements.

6. If you own, or have ever owned, a property

Current mortgage statement and recent valuation of the property. Confirmation of the amount received from the sale or transfer of the property.

7. Medical Information

Documentation provided from an NHS medical professional, or an equivalent external agency.

8. Voluntary, charitable work or training

A letter or email from an employee of the group/organisation to confirm that you volunteer or carry out charitable work for a minimum of 10 hours a week and have done so on a consistent basis for at least 6 months.

A letter or email from the college, university or training organisation providing the details of the course being undertaken including the start and finish dates of the course.

9. Right to Move

  • A contract of employment
  • A formal offer/acceptance of employment letter
  • Proof of current address.